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2014 National Youth Summit

This is a message from  the NRA and Grant Goff, who was a member of the Arkansas Game and Fish AYSSP (Trap Team)

On Nov. 7th I sent out an e-mail about the NRA accepting Application for the Youth Scholarship Program. One of our shooters (Grant Goff) was accepted last year and below is his review of the Summit….I would encourage your student/athletes to submit an application. Please read the review below….


   Last year I was one of forty-seven selected applicants to attend the NRA's Youth Education Summit.  The Youth Education Summit, more commonly referred to as Y.E.S., is an NRA sponsored program geared towards teaching talented juniors and seniors from all across the country about the role and importance of government and how you can make a difference in society, while also giving you an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime. 

     When I attended Y.E.S. last summer I was given the opportunity to do and see some absolutely incredible things.  During my stay in Washington D.C. I was able to lead a formal team debate (something I'd always wanted to do), train on the Virtual Convoy Combat Trainer at Quantico Marine Base, sit in the Supreme Court, hear from and meet the President of the NRA along with several other very important political figures, tour the National Firearms Museum followed by a visit to the NRA's firing range, compete for college scholarships, meet great like minded people that I still keep in touch with today and much more.  While at Y.E.S. I was able to practice my public speaking skills, get an in depth look at what the NRA really stands for and better understand how I can make a difference in society.

     If you would like the opportunity to  make new friends, discover how you can make a difference, and have the trip of a lifetime, then Y.E.S. is definitely for you and I highly encourage anyone who is interested to apply for the 2014 Youth Education Summit.


Best of Luck,



Click here for more information and application


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