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Basketball Tickets Available

If you don't have an entrance ticket from an athlete, we can not guarantee that you will be able to enter the gym.

We have some extra tickets available for the games on Thursday, October 22 if you would like to come by the office at the high school and pick them up.  

They will be on a first come first serve basis.

You can also call 870-297-3745 for more information.

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday!

Parent Teacher conferences are Thursday at both campuses until 6:30.  

There is also a home basketball game at the high school gym but we will be conducting conferences as well. Please come in the front door and we will have someone handing out report cards and teachers will be available to speak with confidentially.  If you would rather speak with a teacher via email, phone, or Zoom please call our office or contact that teacher and set an appt.  


Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences

For Elementary conferences, we will continue with what teachers have already sent out to parents. Information went home on Monday, please let your child's teacher or the office know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Student of the Week!






Kali Ricketts- 11th grade

While Kali is new to our district, she has not only worked hard to attain good grades, she has also worked hard to contribute to classroom discussions and clarifications for other members to "see" different perspectives.  Kali's unique point of view often gives students and myself a new lens to view old material, and it is quite refreshing.  
Chosen by: Mrs. Hodges

Unity Day

Please remember to wear your Orange tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 21) for UNITY Day!!! 

Proud Pirates Project

You can watch the video by clicking on the following link:

Proud Pirates Project

Basketball games with Mammoth Spring tonight have been cancelled

Basketball games with Mammoth Springs tonight have been cancelled.

Upcoming Basketball Season Please Watch the Video
We have tested our Live Streaming on YouTube to make sure we can stream our home ballgames. Here is our trial run, but be sure to watch the entire video to hear how tickets will be handled, gym guidelines and how you can watch home games from home!
Games will be available here on our HS Facebook page or you can watch & subscribe to Calico Rock School District YouTube Channel!
Please click on the link.
Calico Rock School District YouTube Channel link is here:
FaceBook Page Link:

Proud Pirates! Weekly Video (starting this week)

Proud Pirate Projects!  Each week, our students will highlight an organization on campus.  We can't keep these Pirates down even during a pandemic!  Be sure to check in each Friday for a new update from one of our many organizations. Please click on the link to view video.

Black and Orange game tickets available

We have tickets available at the high school office for the black and orange games tonight.  This ticket allows access to the gym after you have paid your admission.  As we have stated before we have limited capacity.  

Come by the high school office to pick up your ticket today.


YOUTUBE link for Pirate Basketball Games

Here is the link to our Calico Rock School District YouTube Channel.

Enjoy Pirate Basketball in the comfort of your home or at your Pirate Watch Party!

Flu Shots October 15

The Calico Rock School District will be giving Flu Shots on October 15 for students and staff members.  

Forms have been sent home with the students and they will need to be filled out entirely and returned to school before they will be allowed to receive a Flu Shot.


For questions or help, please call Kaye Arnold (School Nurse) 870-297-3745 at the High School or 870-297-8533 at the Elementary.

Black and Orange Games tomorrow night!

Just a reminder!

If you don't have an entrance ticket from an athlete we can not guarantee that you will be able to enter for the black and orange games.  Everyone needs a ticket.  If we have some spare tickets we will give them out first come first serve.  We will mass text to let everyone know if there are some available.


Remember we will be live streaming so now's the time to plan your watch party and cheer on the Pirates!



Remember to wear your black and orange tomorrow!  

Meal Delivery for Virtual Students

Meal deliveries for virtual students will be from 10:00-12:00 today. Please contact the Elementary @ 870-297-8533 or High School @ 870-297-3745 if you have any questions or concerns. Please let the school know by Wednesday each week if you have any changes that need to be made for Thursday's delivery. 


Student of the Week! Week of October 5

Christine Williamson- 12th grade

In the few months I've known her, Christine has worked extremely hard for the music programs in this school. Between extra practices and taking the time to help her teacher with copies and filing music, she is always willing to go above what is asked of her. 
Chosen by: Mrs. Gilbee

Band Booster Meeting tonight

Come out and join the Band Booster Club!  Hope to see you at 6:00 o'clock this evening in the band room. Come in through the front doors and follow the arrows to the band room.

Student of the Week! Week #4


John David Mitchell- 11th grade
John David is a hard-working student who always comes to class prepared and ready to learn.
He budgets his time wisely and, because of this, he is able to excel not only inside the classroom, but with his many extracurricular activities as well.  John David is an excellent model for his fellow students, and he helps his classmates with their assignments when asked. He is always polite and respectful to me, and I enjoy having him in my classroom!
Chosen by: Mr. Duffie

Student of the Week! Week #1

Crystal Burch- 12th grade

Crystal is a welcomed presence in the art room. Working in a variety of media, she is a prolific artmaker. Her artwork has an original feel to it largely due to the sizable vocabulary of personal imagery she has developed. Crystal is reflective in nature and she contributes insightful comments to most class critiques or discussions. She also displays good manners and is willing to help any of her classmates.
Chosen by: Mr. Baker

Student of the Week! Week #2

Cassidy Mendez-11th grade

She is always pleasant to be around and eager to learn. She possesses all the fine qualities of good character, courteous, and always wears a smile.
Chosen by: Mrs. Brannon

Student of the Week! Week #3

Kinadee Lemon- 7th grade

Kinadee participates everyday, shows characteristics of teamwork, responsibility, and dependability. Kinadee is always happy to be at PE everyday and helps her teammates out with anything they ask.   
Chosen by: Coach Drennan