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Ring Delivery this Week!

Our sophomores are so proud of their class rings!  Just another way they show loyalty to their school.

Public Service Announcement
Public Service Announcement:

Good Morning,

Our Arkansas Department of Health Liaison in Little Rock has indicated that the COVID-19 vaccine for children 12 years of age and up may be available as early as next week.  Anyone interested in having their child vaccinated should contact the local pharmacy by Friday, May 7th so that an appropriate amount of vaccine can be put on order. 
Thank you. 

Pre-K Graduation

Please tune-in to the Little Pirates Preschool Graduation tonight at 5:30. It will be live streamed on our Elementary Facebook page at the following address:


No KIAP This Week

There will be no KIAP this week, May 3-7.  Classes will resume next week.

Student of the Week!

Ashlyn Mann- 8th grade

Ashlyn is always on time to class and sets an example everyday on how to act by participating to her fullest. She is respectful to her peers and coaches and is becoming more of a leader in the classroom and on the basketball court. 
Chosen by: Coach Skidmore

Fiber Cut affecting phone service

There has been a Fiber-Cut in Marion County that is affecting the phone service to the school.  We are not able to receive or make calls to anyone at this time.  


There will be No WASH Wednesday, April 28. WASH will resume next Wednesday, May 5. 

Food Delivery / Ball games

The food delivery for this week will be on Friday, not Thursday, due to predicted weather.  


Today's softball games will be played at 6:00 p.m. at West Side Greers Ferry.  GO LADY PIRATES BEAT RURAL SPECIAL!

Today's baseball games have been postponed and we will announce the reschedule date as soon as we receive it.  

This is District Tournament week!  Good luck to the Lady Pirates and the Pirates!!

Student of the Week!
Emerson Wilbur- 12th grade

Emerson is one of the most thoughtful and kind students I've had the privilege of teaching. She looks for the positive in situations, and her conversations encourage others to do the same. She is a rare person who thinks before she speaks, and her ideas and knowledge always deepen classroom discussions.  Emerson has been a ray of sunshine, during a very tough year.
Chosen by: Mrs. Newcomb

Monday, April 25th Virtual Day and State testing

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a virtual learning day for all on-site students.  They should log into their classes and do work virtually from home.  

Virtual students in grades 3-10 will have ACT Aspire testing on school campuses, elementary and high school.  There will be 3 tests and testing should be finished between 11:30-12:00.  We can call parents when testing is over for your child to be picked up.  

Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast and do your best on your tests tomorrow!!


Virtual Days

The Calico Rock School District will have Virtual Learning Days on April 19 and 26.  On these days, all on-site students will be required to complete their assignments from home. Virtual students will be testing those days on campus.  Mrs. Stephanie will be contacting you.

Dylan Clark Signs with Missouri Welding Institute



Congratulations to Dylan Clark who signed with Missouri Welding Institute this morning.  Dylan is a senior at Calico Rock High School and has been focused on learning his welding skills from Mr. Fountain in our Agri Dept.  Dylan won the pictured scholarship money above at a recent welding competition.  Good luck to Dylan and may his future be bright!  We have enjoyed our time with Dylan here at CRHS. 

Student Meal Delivery

Virtual Meal deliveries are on the way. Please contact the Elementary @ 870-297-8533 or High School @ 870-297-3745 if you have any questions or concerns.

Student of the Week!
Danika Skidmore- 7th grade

Danika has an outstanding attitude everyday in class. Danika is always on task and does well in all her assignments. Danika has also taken on extra duties as a manager and stat keeper for the softball team. 
Chosen by: Coach McDonald

City League T Ball games cancelled for tonight

City League T-Ball games scheduled for tonight have been cancelled due to the weather.  

This week's softball and baseball schedule

Some things have changed due to predicted weather.  Here is the schedule as it stands today.

Monday (today)

Baseball and Softball at Norfork @ 4:00 p.m.


No games


Softball @ Home vs Viola @ 4:30 p.m.


Softball (double header) @ home vs Rural Special @ 4:00 p.m.

Baseball @ Home vs Mountain View @ 4:00 p.m.


Softball @ Viola @ 4:30 p.m.







Tomorrow, April 19th Virtual Day

On-site students should log in and do their work virtually from home tomorrow.

Virtual students on both campuses need to report for testing between 8-8:15 tomorrow morning. 

All 3rd-10th grade virtual students will be taking 2 tests.  All students should be finished testing by 11:00-11:30.  You can pick up your child after testing is finished.  We can call you when your child is done. 

For K-2 students they will be taking just 1 test tomorrow so they should finish earlier than the older students.  Again, we can call when they are ready to be picked up.  

Get some rest and eat a good breakfast and do your best on your tests tomorrow!!

Meal Delivery this week will be on Friday

Due to ACT Aspire Testing and availability of personnel, we will be delivering food on Friday this week instead of Thursday.  

The change is for this week only.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today's Softball games postponed/Baseball double header tomorrow


Today's game will be rescheduled on a later date due to weather.



Tomorrow's games with ICC will be a two 5 inning games (double header).  There will be no games at ICC on Friday.

Student of the Week!

Slaa Shelley- 7th grade

There are several students who I believe fly under the radar at school and would be easy to miss!  Slaa would probably be one of those because he is generally quiet and always well-behaved!  He always comes to class ready to learn and participate in whatever we are doing that day.  He always has a cheerful attitude and always has the best manners!  I have seen Slaa struggle with his work somedays, but he always perseveres and works hard until he gets it right!  I admire students who have a drive to learn, are respectful, and are willing to help those around them!  Thank you Slaa for being a wonderful young man; it has not gone unnoticed! I am honored to name you Calico Rock High School's Student of the Week!
Chosen by: Mrs. Killian