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Calico Rock High School Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation commencement ceremonies for the Calico Rock High School Class of 2020 will be tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. at the lower parking lot of the high school.  

Each graduating senior has 6 chairs assigned to them for their immediate family, all other family and friends will need to bring a lawn chair or a blanket for seating. Everyone is welcome.  

Please practice social distancing and wear your masks.  



Back to School Survey

IMPORTANT SURVEY! Please fill out this survey for the 2020-21 school year. The survey will help us be prepared for learning this fall. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the district office @ 870-297-8339.


For any students grades 9-12 who are interested in being on the golf team this year....

There will be a golf team meeting Tuesday July 7th, at 7:00 p.m.  We will meet at the main entrance of the high school.  We will discuss practices and protocols for the upcoming season.  If you are a returning golfer, or are interested in being on the team, please attend this meeting.  If you are unable to attend, please call the high school office and let them know you are interested but can't attend the meeting.  

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday night!  

Go Pirates!!!

Coach John Duffie

Cross Country Team Meeting

Deadline to sign up for July 18 ACT is today

If you plan on taking the ACT on July 18, the deadline to sign up is today.  

CRSD Press Release
Governor Asa Hutchinson plans for school districts to be back in session on schedule in August.  Although we plan to start on time, instruction statewide will be different than ever before.
The CRSD will be utilizing a blended method of instruction that combines face to face on campus instruction and online instruction when school begins in August.  At this time the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, (DESE) will provide a Learning Management System known as Lincoln Learning for all districts that choose to use it.  We submitted our plan to DESE stating that we would utilize Google Classroom and the state provided curriculum (Lincoln Learning).  However, plans can change.  Most appropriately, when and if a LMS becomes available that uniquely fits district's personal needs.  
Equally important, if not more so, we are committed to keeping students safe and the facilities and buses sanitized.  Teachers will be educated in the utilization of Learning Management Systems to maximize learning and we want you to know, as always, an open line of communication with your child's teacher is important.  After all, we're in this together.  
Thank you CR and surrounding communities for all your support.

Backpack Delivery

Students who are currently signed up on our Food Backpack program will receive their pack on Thursdays throughout the  summer. If you do not wish to continue receiving them or if you need to sign up for one please contact the office. The deliveries will begin each Thursday morning and will continue until all the packs are distributed. Please call the office @ 870-297-8533 or Ms. Kim @ 870-291-0421 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Pandemic EBT benefits now available for eligible families


In response to COVID-19 public health emergency, a benefit program called Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) has been developed for States to implement in assisting families that were receiving free or reduced lunches from their school.  The program was designed to help replace the cost of meals incurred by families as a result of the State eliminating public school gathering.


What is P-EBT?  

  • A program to provide nutrition benefits to families who have lost access to free or reduced-price school meals because schools were closed.
  • Eligible students and families will receive food benefits on a new or existing EBT card to help fill the school meals gap.
  • P-EBT is for eligible children in public and private schools.


How will P-EBT be paid? Amount to be paid?

  • This will be paid in a one-time payment and will be $319 per eligible child.
  • Benefits will be issued to a SNAP household on their existing EBT Card. 
  • If a household has had their SNAP case close in the last 6 months, benefits will be issued on that household's existing EBT Card.
  • Non-SNAP households will receive an EBT Card(s) with their child's name on it.  (See attached Buck Slip on instructions to activate the EBT card.)


When will P-EBT be issued?

  • Benefits should be issued by the end of June or early July.
  • Guidance will be forthcoming regarding the exact dates the benefits will be issued.
  • New P-EBT cards that are being issued will not be all mailed on the same day, but over a period of several days.


Addresses may not be up to date for students that will be receiving the P-EBT card due to schools closing in March.  Guidance below is for Parents to update their address if needed.


Non-SNAP Households:

  • Parents can call Client Assistance at 1-800-482-8988.
  • Parents can email their address change to
  • New address changes will be recorded up to June 15th, so that the information can be sent to the vendor for card issuance.


SNAP Households:

  • Parents will follow the same DCO business process that is in place by reporting their changes to Client Assistance or their local county office.


Note: Parents that do not receive SNAP and would like to verify if their address is correct should contact (call or email) their child's school district to determine if the school has the current address.


Attached is a flyer with the information needed to help assist with various questions that may arise.  The P-EBT email address can also be used by anyone to ask questions specifically related to P-EBT.


Also attached is the Buck Slip insert that will be included in the mailing of the new P-EBT card offering guidance on activating the EBT card and general rules.


The DHS website also has some Q&A's that will help assist with answering questions concerning EBT.  The link is:


As stated above, DHS will accept address updates by these methods through COB 6/15/2020.  All updated addresses will be added as edits to the master file and become the address of record for the mailing.


If you have any questions please contact the SNAP Policy Unit. 



Pandemic SNAP (P-SNAP) Quick Reference Guide






Larry Crutchfield


Assistant Director

P: 501-682-8257

700 Main, Slot S333

Little Rock, AR  72201



Governor's Scholastic Honors Day cancelled

Due to COVID-19, the Governor's Scholastic Honors Day had to be cancelled so the students won't get to meet Governor Hutchinson in person this year.  The governor's office still wanted to honor those students chosen to attend.  Below is a link to a video from the governor and first lady as well as the slideshow of students that would have attended.  Congrats to CRHS's Emma Mitchell and Clayton Thompson for your academic achievements! 


No Meal Delivery

Our meal delivery program has ended. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can call the Elementary at 870-297-8533 or Ms. Kim at 870-291-0421. 


Buses have left the school for deliveries

Buses have left the school for food deliveries. Please be on the watch for them!

Free E-Books access through end of July!

Items to pick up from High School

If you received an award at either the Academic Awards and Athletic Awards programs please come to the high school and pick up your awards.  Also if you had items left in your locker, please pick up those items also.


The office is open Monday through Thursday 8:00-3:00.

Beta Club named Grand Slam Service Club!!
We were named a National Beta      Grand Slam Service Club! 
National Beta grand slam.png


Thanks to your commitment to the National Beta motto, Let Us Lead by Serving Others, your Beta Club achieved 2020 GRAND SLAM Service status. This means that each of your members knocked service out of the park by spending 100+ hours serving their school, community, and state. 

High School Academic Awards Ceremony

Thank you to all the faculty members and the Calico Rock Community for your help on supporting our kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is one of those times when the phrase "it takes a village" holds true.  We have created the following link for you to watch the awards ceremony if you are not a Facebook person.  We truly appreciate you and our students.

Calico Rock High School Academic Awards 2020

High School Athletic Ceremony

Thank you to our athletes and we appreciate you.  We have also published the ceremony on Facebook.  Here is the link to our athletic awards ceremony if you do not have Facebook.

Calico Rock High School Athletic Awards 2020

New Post

Memorial Day (Friday and Monday)

Friday May 22nd and Monday May 25th there will be no meal deliveries and the school offices will be closed for the holiday.  We hope everyone enjoys their start to the summer!


Applications for Jr and Sr Girls Basketball Coach being accepted

Calico Rock High School is taking applications for a Junior high and Senior High Girls Basketball Coach.  The preferred applicant will also have a Social Studies Certification grades 7-12, but not required.  Please contact Jerry Skidmore, Supt., at 870-297-8339 or Anita Nordrum, High School Principal, at 870-297-3745 or 291-0063. Resumes may be emailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 220, Calico Rock, AR 72519.

Student of the Week!

Cassidy Mendez- 10th grade

Congratulations Cassidy on being awarded Student of the Week! Not only is Cassidy a remarkable student, but she has been elected as a District Officer for FCCLA. She has been very organized and diligent in her work, and she has displayed remarkable leadership for our club this school year. Cassidy's pleasant disposition and confidence will help her accomplish any goal. I am so proud of you!
Chosen by: Mrs. Woods