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Information Release 2-28

The recent instances of violence and threats on school campuses around the state and nation have created more safety concerns for parents, teachers and school officials.  However, some of those fears have been lessened by the Izard County Sheriff's Department.  A deputy has been on one of our campuses during the day for the past two weeks to add support to the school resource officer.  Additionally, you may notice Arkansas Game and Fish officers on campus or in the buildings.  Colonel Greg Rae, of the AGFC, has offered support by having his officers spend time patrolling schools in Arkansas, and we have accepted this gracious offer.

When you see these officers, please show your gratitude by saying thank you for their efforts.

The Calico Rock School District appreciates the Izard County Sheriff's Department and the Arkansas Game and Fish for their support and for making the safety of our students and staff a top priority.

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