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Beating the Odds in Science 2015


The Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas is pleased to announce Calico Rock Elementary as a recipient of the 2015 Beating the Odds in Science Award.  The award is given to high-achieving schools that serve low-income communities where at least 66% of the students are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program.  The awards are calculated on the basis of percentage of students that perform at a particular level on the Benchmark exam, in this case 5th grade science.

The award recognizes the hard work that schools have done to help students who sometimes have the deck stacked against them succeed.  Calico Rock Elementary had 86% of their fifth graders achieve either proficient or advanced on the science benchmark test. 

Calico Rock Elementary was ranked 1st in their region and 3rd in the state of Arkansas.

“We are so proud of our teachers, students and parents for their hard work in beating the odds to become high-achieving,” noted Elementary Principal Michelle Cooper.

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