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High School AMI Packets

The Arkansas Department of Education has approved the Calico Rock School District’s application for five Alternate Methods of Instruction (AMI) Days during the 2019-20 school year.  If inclement weather or another type of emergency circumstance occurs, causing school to be cancelled, CRSD students may be given an opportunity to work from home on an AMI Day packet rather than making up a day later in the school year.

The packets will be distributed to each student based on grade level, core/elective classes, 504/IEP accommodations and will contain work that is labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.  When an AMI day is taken, the superintendent will announce the missed school and which day of the packet is to be completed.

AMI Day Example Scenario: If an AMI day is needed due to snow on a Tuesday in February, the district superintendent will notify parents that school will not be in session but that an AMI day will be used and that students should complete the work labeled “Day 1” in their current packets.  If snow also prevents students from attending on Wednesday, the superintendent will notify parents and the students should complete the work labeled “Day 2” in their packets on Wednesday.  When students return to school following the AMI day(s) the assigned work will be collected and graded by teachers. 

Additional copies of the packets will be available prior to the AMI day in each school building’s main office.  Copies of the packets will also be available on the main page of the districts website at  Please feel free to request additional copies of the packet if your child has more than one residence or if he/she misplaces the original copy.  Student attendance on the AMI day will be determined by his/her completion of the assigned day’s work in the packet.  Teachers will be available by email throughout the AMI day to answer student or parent questions.

District administration will ultimately decide if a cancelled school day will work as an AMI day.  For instance, if a widespread illness is the reason for cancellation, district administration will decide if students would benefit from an AMI day or if a traditional make-up day should be used.

If the district uses any AMI days this year, we plan to conduct a parent survey to collect feedback about the effectiveness of the days.  These results will help continue to improve the educational experience of our students.  Please contact your child’s principal if you have any questions about this process.

If you need to access the AMI Packets, you can click on the teachers class period below to find your assignment.

Jonathan Baker

Melva Brannon

Katherine Brown

Bryan Fountain

Elizabeth Hiers

Tracy Hodges

Richard Ivy

April Killian

Mike Mason

Chip McDonald

Connie Moser

Sherry Newcomb

Kish Pool

Alex Skidmore

Mark Stephen

Carla Vredenburg

Jeff Whiteaker

Mindy Woods