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Parent Center

The Parent Center is open every Monday from 3:00-5:00

Location: Elementary School

Check-out materials for grades K-6th are available for parents to assist in learning at home.

(Puzzles, flashcards, games, calculators, yard and meter sticks, computer games, videos etc...)


Family Board Games available for check-out.

(Scrabble, Trouble, Candy Land, Battleship, Sorry, and more)


Books and video tapes about discipline, helping your child succeed, helping with homework, choosing science fair projects, etc. available to be checked out by parents.


Free information about services provided by the state of Arkansas.

(WIC, ARKIDS, The Breast Care Program, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and more.)


Computers with internet access for parents and students.

(Research reports, science fair data, and more for school.  Microsoft Word is available to type reports.  Parents can work on computers to prepare work for college, etc...)


Provide a meeting place for parent groups and meetings.

(PATCH Meetings, Family and Parent Nights, etc...)