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Student of the Week Blake Moody - 8th Grade

Blake Moody

Blake Moody- 8th grade

If you haven't had the chance to get to know Blake, you're missing out! This guy is quite the character. He is funny, witty, but super intelligent, extremely nice and respectable all at the same time! We have a choice when it comes to our attitude each and everyday, and it is great to see that Blake chooses to have fun, smile, and be positive everyday! He always makes me laugh at some of his clever remarks. Even though he can be quite funny, he knows when to be serious and takes great pride in his school work and always makes good grades! He never hesitates to help his classmates nor is he too modest to ask questions when he is unsure of a task himself. Perseverance fuels his success as he clearly understands the value of effort and hard work. He is an outstanding student and it is an honor to have Blake in class!

Chosen by: Mrs. Killian