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Jerry Skidmore Superintendent Email
Anita Nordrum High School Principal Email
Kim Thomas Elementary Principal Email
Jessica Moser District Treasurer/Bookkeeper Email
Chelsie Moss District Secretary Email
Julie Hargett Elementary Secretary Email
Stacy Sherrill High School Secretary Email
Mary Estes District Office Secretary  
Elementary and High School
Stephanie King Counselor/Testing Coordinator Email
Kaye Arnold Nurse Email
Jonathan Baker K-12 Art Email
Holly Gilbee K-12 Music Email
Kish Pool  Reading Specialist, GT, Dance  Email
Connie Moser Special Education Director Email


High School Staff 
Anita Nordrum Principal Email
Stacy Sherrill Secretary Email 
Chip McDonald History/Cross Country/Softball Email 
Melva Brannon Science  Email  
Patrick Drennan Social Studies/Baseball/Girls Basketball/Golf Email
Bryan Fountain Agriculture Email 
Elizabeth Hiers SR Math Email
Richard Ivy JR Math Email
April Killian Business Email
Stephanie King Counselor/Testing Coordinator Email
Mike Mason EAST/Technology Coordinator/Federal Funds Email
Cooky Williams Special Education Aide Email
Narda Jarosz Special Education Aide Email
Phyllis Smith Special Education Aide Email 
Sherry Newcomb Science Email
Mark Stephen School Resource Officer Email
Tracy Hodges English Email
Carla Vredenburg English Email
John Duffie Distance Learning Facilitator  Email
Alex Skidmore       Boys Basketball & Physical Education Email
Mindy Woods Family & Consumer Sciences Email
Lisa Fountain  Library Aide Email
Melissa Cooper Library Media Specialist


   Elementary Faculty
Kim Thomas Principal Email
Julie Hargett Secretary Email
Lisa Roderick Grade K Email
Susan Cowgill Grade K Email
Lisa Cullen Grade 1 Email
Amy Clinkingbeard Grade 1  Email
Catie Wood Grade 2 Email
Kimberly Morehead Grade 2 Email
Carson Gibson Grade 3 Email
Ashley Coley Grade 3 Email
Bailey Whiteaker Grade 4 Email
Tyler Williams Grade 4 Email
Leisha McCoy Grade 5 & 6 Email
Kassandra Woody Grade 5 & 6 Email
Colt Emery Grade 5 & 6 Email
LaDonna Franks Counselor Email
Stephanie King Counselor/Testing Coordinator Email
Alexa Williams Special Education Email
Patrick Drennan Physical Education Email
Sonya Sneathern Title I Aid Email
Kary Foster Title I Aid  Email
Rosa Stanley Title I Aid Email
Emily Stanley Title I Aid Email
Jessica Teague Title I Aid Email
Loretta Branscum  Special ED Aide  Email
Deborah Geib Special Education Aide Email
Patty Boyd Library Aide Email
Kevin Coulter High School Aide Email
Merle Tibbitts Custodial Supervisor Email
Debra Buck HS Custodian Email
Samantha Hargett HS Custodian  Email
David Hodges Maintenance Custodian  Email
Brianna Ritter Elem. Custodian  Email
Amanda White     Elem. Custodian  Email
Donna Lester  Elem.  Email
Nicolette Henson Elem. OPAA Email
Falon Rendant High School OPAA Email
Tonya Galloway High School OPAA Email
Bus Drivers 
Merle Tibbits  Transportation Supervisor  Email
John Duffie  Driver  Email
Colt Emery  Driver Email
Howard Jeffery Driver Email
David Smithson  Driver Email
Amanda White  Driver Email
Amber Fox    
Melia Gay     
Computer Technician 
Tom Rushing  Computer Tech.  Email
Mike Mason Computer Tech. Coordinator/EAST/Trap Email