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Archive: June 2021
Peewee Camp is coming soon!!!

Calico Rock Senior places 10th in Nationals

Congratulations to CRHS senior, Keeley Pool for placing 10th in color photography at the 2021 National BETA convention in Florida! Such a wonderful achievement for her; we are super proud of you Keeley!

Calico Rock student Emma Joplin at Rock City Summer Nationals

Little Rock, AR is the home of the First Annual Rock City Summer Nationals. Congratulations to Emma Joplin for all your hard work in competing.  Great Job!

Don't forget!!!! CRHS Summer Reading BINGO

Elementary Faculty Position Available

Calico Rock Elementary School has an Elementary mid-level faculty position open.  The preferred applicant would be certified in Literacy, Social Studies and Science or in a program on a path to certification approved by the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.

Interested applicants should email their resume to Jerry Skidmore, Superintendent, at

You may also mail your resume to 

Jerry Skidmore

P.O. Box 220

Calico Rock, AR 72519


All School Reunion

The Calico Rock All School Reunion will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at the Elementary Auditorium.

Registration begins at 9:00 am

Music 10:00-11:00

Plate lunch will be $5 for food and drink.  11:00-12:00

Music and door prizes 12:00-1:00

Welcome and parade of classes start at 1:00


Meal Delivery

Meals are out for delivery today starting at 11:00 am

High School Office

Due to vacations and professional development meetings, there may not be someone in the high school office to answer the phone.  If you are unable to reach the high school please call the elementary office and they will get the message to the appropriate person.  

The elementary office number is 870-297-8533.

No Meal Delivery

There will be NO meal deliveries the week of May 31-June 4. We will resume meal deliveries next week for those that have signed-up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school offices @ 870-297-8533 elementary and 870-297-3745 high school. 

Elementary Student of the Week for 2020-2021