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Archive: June 2024
Superintendent Job Posting

The Calico Rock School District Board of Directors is seeking applications for Superintendent of Schools for the 2024-2025 school year.  The salary will be negotiated by the school board.

Applicants must have the following to be considered for an interview.


  • Current Arkansas administrators license or able to obtain if candidate holds an out of state administrators license.
  • At least 5 years' experience as a building administrator

The Calico School District Board of Directors is seeking applicants for Superintendent that will promote and fulfill our District's Mission.

Mission-The Mission of the Calico Rock School Board of Education is to provide the vision, the philosophy, the policy, and the environment, to nurture the students of our community toward their full potential as academically knowledgeable, ethically grounded, culturally enriched, responsible citizens.

Job Goal: The Superintendent, as the chief executive officer of the Board and the school system, shall be the administrative head of all departments in the District. The Superintendent shall be responsible to the Calico Rock Board of Education for administering the school system according to the mandates of the laws, Arkansas Department of Education, other agencies of jurisdiction, and policies governing school operations. While the Superintendent may delegate his duties when and where necessary and appropriate, he/she shall be responsible to the Board for the results of those duties delegated.


The Board is looking for a leader to do the following:

1) Implement the policies of the Board;


2) Be responsible for the planning and implementation of an educational program in accordance with State and Federal requirements and the needs of the District;


3) Report to the Board concerning the status of the educational program, personnel, and operations, and making recommendations for improving instruction, activities, services, and facilities;


4) Act as a liaison between the Board and school personnel;


5) Make recommendations to the Board concerning personnel employment, discipline, and termination;


6) Communicate the District's mission to staff, students, parents, and the community;


7) Be responsible for the development of short- and long-term goals for the District;


8) Prepare and present an annual budget for the District to the Board for its consideration;


9) Administer the District's budget and regularly reporting to the Board on the financial condition of the District;


10) Attend and participate in all meetings of the Board except when his employment is being considered;


11) Prepare, in consultation with the Board President, the agenda for all Board meetings;


12) Be responsible for the planning and implementation of an effective personnel evaluation system that is aligned with the goals of the District; and


13) Maintain a current knowledge of developments in curriculum and instruction, as well as pertinent legal changes, and advising the professional staff and Board of such information.

All applicants must be able to successfully complete DHS and Criminal Background check.

Closing Date: Position is open until filled.

Resumes can be sent to:

Chris Brandon <>

and/or Anita Nordrum <>

For more information, contact: Anita Nordrum 870-297-3745


Elementary Enrollment Day Scheduled

Elementary Enrollment Day.JPG


Press Release

The Calico Rock School Board has accepted Superintendent Jerry Skidmore's retirement at a called meeting held on June 26, 2024. The Board extends thanks to Mr. Skidmore for his many years of service to the Calico Rock School District, and best wishes in his retirement. 


We are excited that Coach Tanner Hoskinds will be hosting our PIRATE PEEWEE Camp in August! Get your kiddos signed up!

PEEWEE Camp.jpg

2024 Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Application

The Arkansas Department of Human Services has partnered with the Arkansas Department of Education to provide summer
food benefits (S-EBT) to certain households. These benefits can help families buy food to provide meals for their children
during the summer and will be available on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card and can be used like SNAP benefits.
Each approved child will receive a one-time issuance of $120.00 for the summer of 2024. A S-EBT card will be issued for
each approved child.


Instructions for 2024 Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Application

Welcome New Teachers to Calico Rock

Erika Watson_K-12 ART

Deshea McCain_Girls Basketball Coach

Hannia Hughlette_K-12 School Nurse, RN

Kitty Dockins_Elementary Teacher

Abbey Orf_Pre-K Director, Dyslexia/GT

Lisa Roderick_Preschool Lead Teacher


Good Luck Jr. BETA
Junior Beta National Competition: From 8am-10am these Pirates are competing in Meeting of the Minds! They will be given a prompt that requires critical and creative thinking to develop a reasonable plan and product. They will be given the supplies on site to develop the product. There is no way to prepare for this competition because they have no idea what the prompt or the supplies are!
Good Luck girls!

Basketball Girls it's time to meet your coach!

Only 7 Yearbooks Left