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Parental Notice

Dear Parents,

Working in the public school system today is very rewarding yet very trying at the same time.  Sometimes there are things we want to share with you, the parents, in order to maintain your trust but at the same time, for privacy reasons, we cannot.  Therefore, we are careful and limit the information that we put out to the public.  I think you understand.

That being said, I regret to inform you that an employee and a student have been determined to be a "Close Contact" in regards to the COVID-19.  A Close Contact is someone who has been in close contact with another person who tested positive.  They would have been in close contact with that person for a cumulative of 15 minutes within 48 hours prior to them receiving the positive test results.  The employee in this situation has tested negative.  Unless a new test indicates the first one was a false positive, the employee will have to quarantine for 14-24 days and will not be on campus.  For now, that is all that I am at liberty to share with you.   

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) have set protocols for districts to follow in these situations.  For example, we are required to have a Point of Contact (POC) and an alternate for employees to report to and to be the liaison between the District and ADH.  More information about the POC can be found in your child's packet.

Please be assured that we are taking precautions to keep our children and our employees safe and healthy. 

Thank you for trusting Calico Rock School District and for your patience in these trying times.


Jerry Skidmore, Superintendent

Calico Rock School District