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We have started KIAP classes again, with some changes. We are transitioning from Jujitsu to TaeKwonDo. The student ranks will remain the same, most of the syllabus is the same so the students will have no problem with the change.

By changing to TaeKwonDo we will not be training ground fighting or body throws. This will limit the close, "face-to-face" between students.

Also with only one class per training day, I will be able to thoroughly sanitize the Dojo between classes.

The class times are as follows: (Starting January 19th)

High School (7th-12th): Mondays 3:30 - 4:30

Elementary (4th-6th): Tuesdays immediately after school - 4:30

Little Warriors (1st-3rd): Thursdays immediately after school - 4:15 (shorter class)


Deputy Mark A. Stephen