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Calico Rock K-6 Virtual Students


The Calico Rock elementary students in grade K-6 who are attending virtual this year will have a meeting on Monday, August 9 at 10 am in the Elementary School Cafeteria to discuss supplies and procedures. The representative will also show students how to access classes and assignments.


Students will be receiving their curriculum from the Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative and not the Calico Rock School District.


Students will be able to switch from virtual learning to in person learning on the Calico Rock Elementary Campus. 


Students will be required to login to a specific website and will be required to meet with the teachers weekly.  Therefore, a good internet connection and electronic device is required.


Accommodations will be provided for students and they will be required to complete standardized testing on site at the school district during their assigned time and date.


Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative has hired teachers for the K-6 virtual learning students for the 2021-2022 school year and students will be in contact with those teachers for their curriculum and lessons, not the teachers at Calico Rock Elementary.


For more information call: 870-297-8533. Please contact the school by close of business today August 5, 2021.