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Peewee Basketball Home Games

Peewee Basketball Home Games

 3-14-22 Cave City (All)
 3-17-22 Norfork (4G, 4B, 6G, 6B)
 3-29-22 ICC (All)
 4-04-22 Cotter (5G, 6G, 6B)

All home games begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Calico Rock High School gym.
*Peewee ballplayers need to meet Coach Drennan in the gym at 4:30 prior to the game.
Students are NOT to stay after school and please do not drop your child/children off prior to 4:30 or have them ride the bus to the gym. We DO NOT have supervision available until 4:30. Also, while games are being played, please remind your student to stay seated until their teams turn on the ball court. Thanks!  :)

Go Calico Rock Peewee Pirates!