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How clean is your cell phone?

These growth bacterial cultures are the results of a Biology lab in which students swabbed a sample from their phones to see what bacteria may be on them. From recent experiments, the cell phone has become one of the dirtiest objects within a household (the former item being the TV remote), they are even dirtier than a toilet seat. Students wanted to test if this statement was actually true. As a result, they were thoroughly grossed out by the result. On the cultures you can see: Staphylococcus Aureus ( the golden yellow dots) which is a bacteria that is commonly found on the human body like many other bacteria in the Staphylococcus family, the white dots are Candida a type of yeast commonly found on the skin and the main culprit for Cutaneous Candidiasis (a type of yeast infection), and the large fuzzy circle with the green center is mold. We wanted to share this with the community as a reminder to please sanitize your phones and as always wash your hands, because if these microorganisms are on your phone then they are also on your hands.